Frontenac United Methodist Church

Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.

Children’s Ministries

Our Children’s Ministries are growing at this time.  We now have a Children’s message during the worship service.  Jennifer Morris, our children’s youth chairman,  provides the children with biblical information on their level based on Pastor David’s chosen scripture of the week.  Following this message the children dismiss to have their own special lesson and time.

As our children’s group grows so will our opportunities that are provided for our children!  We are looking forward to extending the special events for the children of our church.

Our V.B.S. last year was a success!  Thank you to all the workers and those who attended.  We will be announcing the date of the 2023 V.B.S. event in the future.  We would love for your child to attend!

For information about the Children’s Ministries you may contact Jennifer Morris by email at or by phone at 620-704-5410.

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